This post-test needs to be completed upon completion of the Wraparound Foundations course. 

Please rank each statement. 1 = strongly disagree 5 = strongly agree

1. The family owns the planning process.

2. The Wraparound team should always include professionals.  
3. When there is a disagreement, team members should be willing to compromise.   
4. Team members should always reach a shared agreement.  
5. Natural supports should be included in the Plan of Care.  
6. Social and natural supports should be part of the planning process.  
7. Collaboration does not value other systems mandates.  
8. The entire team has the responsibility to develop and evaluate the plan.  
9. Support strategies should always be community-based.  
10. Stabilization can only be accomplished through residential treatment or hospitalization.  
11. Supports can be tailored to the unique culture of the child and family.  
12. Culture can only be known from the child and family.  
13. Individualized plans are written in the youth's and family's own words.  
14. Individualized plans include use of standard services only if precisely matched to the youth and family needs.  
15. Using youth strengths are necessary for the success of team goals.   
16. Interventions require a match of child, family and community strengths.   
17. Wraparound really can be based on "whatever it takes."  
18. The team needs to agree for the formal wraparound process to end.  
19. Youth and family feedback should be the main source of outcomes information.  
20. Observable and measurable indicators of progress should drive the changes to Plans of Care.   

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